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We Listed “Canon EOS 1N HS” and other 2 items.


Canon EOS 1N HS(12193) Condition: B+ Excellent $198 Canon EOS 3(12199) Condition: A- Near New $328 Nikon Auto NIKKOR 55mm F1.2 Non Ai(12203) Condition: B+ Excellent $298


We Listed “Hasselblad Carl Zeiss T* Distagon 50mm F4 CF FLE” and other 3 items.


Hasselblad Carl Zeiss T* Distagon 50mm F4 CF FLE(12185) Condition: A- Near New $798 Canon FD 55mm F1.2 S.S.C(12020) Condition: B+ Excellent $298 MINOLTA Autocord Rokkor 75mm F3.5(12014) Condition: B+ Excellent $268 Canon EOS Kiss X4 W Lens Kit 18-55mm 55-250mm(12182) Condition: A- Near New $398


We Listed “Rollei SL66 Planar 80mm F2.8” and other 4 items.


Rollei SL66 Planar 80mm F2.8(12015) Condition: B+ Excellent $1,298 Nikon NIKKOR N.C Auto 28mm F2 Refurbished(12107) Condition: B+ Excellent $228 Nikon NIKKOR-UD Auto 20mm F3.5(12168) Condition: B Very Good $278 Rollei Rolleiflex Automat Tessar 75mm F3.5(12012) Condition: B+ Excellent $618


We Listed “Mamiya 7Ⅱ/N 80mm F4 L” and other 4 items.


Mamiya 7Ⅱ/N 80mm F4 L(12087) Condition: B+ Excellent $3,498 Tomiyama ART PANORAMA 170 w/ NIKKOR SW 90mm F8 Refurbished(12089) Condition: B+ Excellent $1,498 Rollei Rolleiflex FX Planar 80mm F2.8(12163) Condition: A- Near New $3,998 Horseman CONVERTIBLE 62mm F5.6 w/ 10EX HOLDER(12075) Condition: B+ Excellent $598 Olympus FLEX F.Zuiko F.C 7.5cm 75mm F2.8(12104) Condition: B Very… Read More »


We Listed “KOWA SIX 85mm F2.8 w/CDS finder Refurbished” and other 4 items.


KOWA SIX 85mm F2.8 w/CDS finder Refurbished(11989) Condition: B- Good $448 Schneider LUPE 4X MC(12156) Condition: A- Near New $138 RICOH AUTO HALF S 25mm F2.8(12157) Condition: B+ Excellent $138 Mamiya RB67 Prism Finder(12158) Condition: B+ Excellent $108 Olympus C-AF D.ZUIKO 38mm F2.8(12159) Condition: B Very Good $98


We Listed “Mamiya 6 / SEKOR S. 7.5cm F3.5” and other 4 items.


Mamiya 6 / SEKOR S. 7.5cm F3.5(12105) Condition: B Very Good $178 Bronica Roll Film Back Holder For S S2(12033) Condition: B Very Good $58 Bronica 5x chimney Finder for S or S2(12034) Condition: B+ Excellent $88 Canon Canonet G-Ⅲ QL 40mm F1.7 Refurbished(12108) Condition: B Very Good $148 Olympus Trip 35 D.ZUIKO 40mm F2.8(12155)… Read More »


We Listed “Mamiya RB67 Pro SD SEKOR 90mm F3.5 K/L” and other 4 items.


Mamiya RB67 Pro SD SEKOR 90mm F3.5 K/L(12083) Condition: B Very Good $488 CONTAX Carl Zeiss T* 28-85mm F3.3-4.0 MMJ w/Metal Hood(12032) Condition: A- Near New $318 Olympus µ[mju:] 35mm F3.5(12154) Condition: B+ Excellent $108 Konica C35 EF Hexanon 38mm F2.8(12153) Condition: B+ Excellent $108 Nikon L35AD 35mm F2.8 Refurbished(12152) Condition: B+ Excellent $128


We Listed “Canon EOS 1V HS” and other 7 items.


Canon EOS 1V HS(12140) Condition: B+ Excellent $588 Hasselblad Acute-Mattet 42204(12091) Condition: B+ Excellent $258 Hasselblad NC-2 PRISM FINDER(12095) Condition: B+ Excellent $158 Horseman Universal Zoom Finder(12096) Condition: A- Near New $338 Horseman 6x Long Lupe Loupe Focusing Magnifier(12097) Condition: B Very Good $78 Linhof 4X5 Universal Finder(12099) Condition: B+ Excellent $458 Leica 12504 35mm… Read More »


We Listed “CONTAX TVS Carl Zeiss T* 28-56mm” and other 7 items.


CONTAX TVS Carl Zeiss T* 28-56mm(12103) Condition: B+ Excellent $238 Horseman Loupe 7x W/ Case(12027) Condition: A- Near New $88 Horseman ELECTRICAL GRIP for 985 w/Remote control switch(12029) Condition: B+ Excellent $108 Horseman Release(12031) Condition: B+ Excellent $48 Nikon MD-12(12109) Condition: B- Good $38 Olympus OM E.ZUIKO AUTO T 100mm F2.8(12113) Condition: B+ Excellent $148… Read More »


We Listed “Hasselblad 503CW 80mm F2.8 A12 MILLENIUM” and other 6 items.


Hasselblad 503CW 80mm F2.8 A12 MILLENIUM(12136) Condition: B+ Excellent $3,598 Horseman 6×9, 6x9cm 8EXP/ 120 Roll film holder(12024) Condition: B+ Excellent $88 Nikon F5 Original box & Accessories(12047) Condition: A- Near New $498 Rollei 35 Tessar 40mm F3.5 Refurbished(11860) Condition: B+ Excellent $398 Carl Zeiss JENA 135mm F3.5 DDR electric MC S M42(11749) Condition: B+… Read More »