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We Listed “Tokyo kogaku Topcor 3.5cm F2.8 L39” and other 4 items.


Tokyo kogaku Topcor 3.5cm F2.8 L39(13256) Condition: B+ Excellent $668 CONTAX Carl Zeiss T* Planar 85mm F1.4 AEG(12988) Condition: B Very Good $448 Canon EF 75-300mm F4-5.6 IS USM(13368) Condition: B+ Excellent $148 Canon 550EX Speedlite Flash(13370) Condition: B+ Excellent $88 Nikon W-NIKKOR.C 3.5cm F3.5 S Mount(13388) Condition: B+ Excellent $358


We Listed “CONTAX G2 Body” and other 11 items.


CONTAX G2 Body(12994) Condition: B Very Good $798 Canon NEW FD 300mm F4(13376) Condition: A- Near New $148 Canon NEW FD 35-105mm F3.5(13377) Condition: B+ Excellent $78 Canon NEW FD 100-300mm F5.6(13381) Condition: B+ Excellent $118 Canon NEW F-1(13382) Condition: B+ Excellent $348 Canon Autoboy ZOOM 38-60mm F3.8-5.6(13396) Condition: B+ Excellent $68 SIGMA AF 17-70mm… Read More »


We Listed “Leica minilux SUMMARIT 40mm F2.4” and other 4 items.


Leica minilux SUMMARIT 40mm F2.4(13030) Condition: B+ Excellent $678 RICOH XR 500 /RIKENON 50mm F2(13023) Condition: B+ Excellent $228 Nikon F2A 802****/Ai 43-86mm F3.5(13312) Condition: B+ Excellent $338 PENTAX SMC P 67 75mm F4.5 Lens for 67/67II(13330) Condition: A- Near New $298 PENTAX 67 SMC P 165mm F2.8 Lens for 67 6×7 67ii(13331) Condition: A-… Read More »


We Listed “Leica SUMMICRON-C 40mm F2 for CL, CLE” and other 4 items.


Leica SUMMICRON-C 40mm F2 for CL, CLE(13350) Condition: B+ Excellent $588 Polaroid SX-70(13322) Condition: B Very Good $298 PENTAX ZOOM 280P 28-80mm(13346) Condition: B+ Excellent $78 KYOCERA ZOOMTEC 90 38-90mm(13347) Condition: B+ Excellent $68 RICOH SUPER 44 RIKENON 60mm F3.5 4×4 Refurbished(13022) Condition: B+ Excellent $198


We Listed “Konica Hexar 35mm F2 /HX-14 flash” and other 9 items.


Konica Hexar 35mm F2 /HX-14 flash(13290) Condition: B Very Good $598 CONTAX TLA 140(12125) Condition: B+ Excellent $48 Konica C35 EF HEXANON 38mm F2.8(z11798) Condition: B+ Excellent $108 Panasonic LUMIX G 14mm F2.5 ASPH(13292) Condition: A- Near New $158 MINOLTA MC W.ROKKOR -S.G 28mm F3.5(13293) Condition: B+ Excellent $68 Canon EF 100-300mm F4.5-5.6 USM(13301) Condition:… Read More »


We Listed “Nikon Ai-s Nocto NIKKOR 85mm F1.2” and other 6 items.


Nikon Ai-s Nocto NIKKOR 85mm F1.2(13314) Condition: B+ Excellent $3,998 PENTAX 67ⅡBODY w/Strap(13329) Condition: A- Near New $2,158 CONTAX ARIA/ Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm F1.4 MMJ(13372) Condition: B Very Good $1,098 PENTAX 645N /smc FA 75mm F2.8 120/220 holder(13275) Condition: B+ Excellent $928 Rollei Rolleiflex 3.5F Xenotar 75mm F3.5 White face(11285) Condition: B+ Excellent… Read More »


We Listed “Leica M3 Double Stroke Refurbished” and other 4 items.


Leica M3 Double Stroke Refurbished(13026) Condition: B Very Good $958 MINOLTA AF 50mm F1.4 for SONY α(13042) Condition: B+ Excellent $168 Nikon F4 /MF-23(13258) Condition: A- Near New $348 Nikon New Reflex NIKKOR 500mm F8 w/ HN-27(13259) Condition: A- Near New $598 OLYMPUS OM Zuiko AUTO-T 180mm F2.8(13267) Condition: B+ Excellent $348


We Listed “Mamiya NEW 6 75mm F3.5” and other 11 items.


Mamiya NEW 6 75mm F3.5(13007) Condition: B Very Good $1,758 Kodak Original Food retina Ib IIc IIIc 50mm & Filter(13233) Condition: B Very Good $78 Nikon Ai NIKKOR 28mm F2.8(13244) Condition: B+ Excellent $158 OLYMPUS Mju 35mm F3.5(13235) Condition: B+ Excellent $158 Tokina AT-X MACRO 90mm F2.5 w/ MACRO EXTENDER for OLYMPUS OM(13270) Condition: A-… Read More »


We Listed “RICOH FF-1” and other 4 items.


RICOH FF-1(13074) Condition: A Never Used $338 CONTAX POWER PACK ADAPTER GP-1(13051) Condition: A- Near New $58 FUJIFILM LENS HOOD for GS645(13062) Condition: A- Near New $88 Mamiya Polaroid Film Back Holder for Universal Press(13057) Condition: B Very Good $78 Hasselblad FOCUSING SCREEN GRID(13065) Condition: B+ Excellent $68


We Listed “WISTA 45 BODY” and other 4 items.


WISTA 45 BODY(13017) Condition: B+ Excellent $498 Canon 35mm F2.8 LTM Leica L(13044) Condition: B+ Excellent $258 MINOLTA AL-E ROKKOR-QF 40mm F1.8(12887) Condition: B+ Excellent $168 CONTAX P-filter 82mm(13056) Condition: B Very Good $48 CONTAX FOCUSING SCREEN FW, FS, FU type(13052) Condition: A- Near New $78